Youth Group

Our youth group is a ministry for Junior / Senior high-school students.

Ignite: The adolescent journey is one of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation. In the midst of these pivotal years, youth need a safe affirming community, authentic meaningful relationships, and caring adults. Ignite seeks to offer youth opportunities to discover their identity as beloved children of God, build friendships, and offer them adults who can act as a mirror to point out their potential when they are unable to see it themselves. Ultimately, Ignite desires to share God’s Transforming Love with youth and equip them to embody Christ’s love.
We at EUMC have built a place to allow students to connect with God, and each other and to have fun! We do all that we can to create an environment  for students to have fun and learn about God. By teaching them about discipleship and exploring faith. There are multiple opportunities to take mission trips, explore God through music and culture within the community.
Our Youth Director, Luke Farrell has a heart for the youth and young adults and it shows through this ministry and all who are involved. So, come Join Us Tuesday Nights at 6pm in the Epicenter.