Torch: Young Adults

Torch, is a young adult ministry, works passionately to provide space for young adults to encounter God, engender community, and engage in the world. We define “young adult” as anyone between the age of 18-30ish. Regardless of your life stage — collegians, graduate or professional school students or working, single or married, with kids or without, whatever! — you have a place in this dynamic, authentic community of faith.

We know that the world facing 18-30-somethings today is radically different from the way things used to be. With a polarized country and an unknown future looming ahead, young adults in today’s world are nontraditional and exploring, folks who might be rightly suspicious of religion but deeply passionate about the work of Love in the world, people who are questioning and need space for that.

We get it. And we get YOU. Which is why, Torch: young adult community reflects the real world you live in. We’re far from perfect (honestly!) … colorful, rich with stories, raw, candid with struggles… a mixed bag of people from all walks of life yet intentionally journeying together to understand God and the life of faith.

An Brief Overview

TORCH Young Adult Ministry wants YOU to have space to be a community of folks journeying together to seek after the way of Christ.

We do this in lots of ways, to all of which you are invited and encouraged to find your place! Our work together is guided by our Young Adult Ministry Group, a fabulous collection of folks representing all different walks of life facing the typical young adult these days.  We know that just because we might share an age bracket does NOT mean that we’re all alike!  So!  We try to make this space with a variety of folks and needs in mind. After all, we are all God’s children.