Pastor Cindy’s January 7th Epistle

Pastor Cindy’s January 7th Epistle


I encourage you to be very careful as you are out and about.  As I reviewed the Indiana State Health Departments COVID Heat Map on Wednesday our State positivity rate is at 20.5.  Please continue to practice your social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing practices.  Floyd, Clark and Harrison counties are listed as 2.5 and are orange.  The Omicron variant seems to be driving us backward.  I would really encourage you get your vaccine if you have not yet gotten it and or your booster if you have not gotten it yet.  We don’t want anyone to be affected that doesn’t need to be.  We will continue to do what we can safely and follow precautions as requested. Please be courteous around people who may not think or feel as you do about COVID and Omicron variant.

THANK YOU for you sharing in our staff Christmas gift and those who shared other gifts with Tilly and me over the holidays. I appreciate your support more than you know.  I feel your constant support and know that you are praying for me and our church regularly.  I hope that life will one day reach some degree of normalcy and we can really make great things happen.

We will be celebrating the Dedication of Solomon Lubangya.  M’munga and Mwailisha have chosen to have Solomon dedicated rather than baptized. This is a tradition in their culture and they have followed this with the other children. This was also the practice in our former EUB churches which merged with the Methodist Church in 1968.  In our United Methodist tradition, we normally do not dedicate, but rather we baptize infants as a sign of God’s prevenient grace at work in the child.  This same grace is present in Dedication.  The child makes their own decision about baptism when they are ready to assume for themselves the responsibility of Christian discipleship and membership.  God’s prevenient grace is still at work in their life via the parents’ promise to see that the child{ren} are taught the scriptures, the tradition and taught the importance of private and public worship.  When our children are confirmed and join the church, we see God’s Justifying grace at work as they renew the covenant made at their infant baptism and then take upon themselves the responsibility of their walk of discipleship.  I hope that you will join us for worship on line or in person this week as celebrate with M’munga and Mwailisha’s dedication of Solomon this Sunday morning.  We will also remember our baptisms as we celebrate the “Mark of Baptism” in our own lives this week.

Stephen Ministers Provide One-to-one Support that Clergy Can’t Provide Alone
Stephen Ministry is not just for people in the congregation, it is also for people in the community.  It is also a great outreach ministry.  Stephen Ministers are not meant to take the place of clergy; they are an extension of pastoral care and can provide a much needed one-to-one support.  Stephen Ministry is structured so that men are paired with men and women are paired with women.
There are so many people who need care and support for an extended period of time in order to heal and recover, and the ones who benefit most are the care receivers.  Having someone to talk to, to walk alongside during life’s crises, both big and small, can make the journey a little smoother.
If you’re going through an emotional, physical, or spiritual struggle, Stephen Ministry is here to meet those needs.  God sent us to help one another.  Stephen Ministry is one way that God provides that care.  “Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”  (Galatians 6:2, NRSV)
We are looking forward to serving you.
The Stephen Ministry Team
If you would like to know more about our ministry, please feel free to contact Mike Cunio, Lynn Seward, or Pastor Cindy Osgood, EUMC Stephen Leaders.

Prayer Concerns: Please keep each of these persons, their families and other concerns listed in your prayers.
Adams Family;
Bethel Ammons 
{Mark Ammons mother passed away Jan. 4 in North Carolina};
Mary Carnahan Family Sandra Beckett;
Frances Chapel
 {friend of Cheryl Thompson};
Larry Cook;
David Fentress Family;
Gail Foster;
Gina Frailly;
Brittney Hertel
—Chemotherapy {Raleigh/Joann Wilson’s grand-daughter};
Suzanne Hooper—Margarette Muchow’s sister;
Gary Kellem; 
Jerry Kitterman – home;
Gary Leitner;
Bob Maurer {Passed away Sunday, Jan. 2,2022};
Rick Miller-home;
Morton Family
Kim and David Powell;
Connie Reed
Barbara Reilly {Greg Reilly’s mother};
Karen Rogers;
Friend of Pat Rucker’s;
Jim Seward;

Carolyn Shirely;
Alice Wilkerson;
Bruce Woolsey.

Financial Information:
Be sure to update your 2022 online giving via so that your 2022 contributions will be up-to-date with the pledge you made in Oct. 2021. Also be sure to pick up your new offering envelopes from the table in the Narthex prior to the new year.  Be sure to get rid of your old envelopes prior to starting the new year.  You only need to use the numbers of envelopes that you will use for the year.

General Fund Giving – 1/2/2022: $1,520
Weekly Need: $6,252

Mortgage Payment Fund Giving: $95
Monthly Mortgage Payment: $3,269
Weekly Needed Mortgage Payment: $754

Edwardsville UMC
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