Pastor Cindy’s Sept 10th Epistle

Pastor Cindy’s Sept 10th Epistle

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing on Tuesday, September 11, 2001?  A day that began as a beautiful September day became a day of overwhelming grief, shock, and uncertainty.  I had just started as Pastor at Elwood First UMC .  I was two months in, and we were going to start a Seniors ministry that day.  My father was in Switzerland, my mother was home alone, and I was faced with people who were shocked and terrified of what was going to happen next.  Let us not forget the lives that were changed that day and the lives that were lost.  Our world is going through a tremendous challenge even now and we need to draw close to God and be as supportive of one another now as we were then.


Harvest Homecoming
Schedules will be available this weekend to sign-up for Candy Making.  We will also have the sign-up sheets for volunteering to work in the trailer.  We have all of our candy ingredients and other items for the trailer taken care of.  We just need donations of brand name soft drinks for sale in the trailer {Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, Mountain Dew and other flavors.} Candy making dates will be Tuesday, Sept. 28/Thursday, Sept. 30 and Tuesday, Oct. 5 at 6:00 p.m. each night.

Plastic Lids
We have two boxes located in the church {Door #1 by the Epi-Center Entrance and Door #2 by the Office entrance} where you can drop off your lids, caps, bottle tops. Please make sure your lids are CLEAN AND DRY before dropping in the box. These will be melted down and used to make a bench in memory/honor of Diana Keithley.  The boxes have pictures and explanations of the lids and items that are acceptable. This is a great way to do something good for the environment and honor someone we all knew and loved.

Luke Farrell will be the Family Youth Pastor beginning September 16. Justin Harris  had to resign his position due to some situations that he did not foresee when we hired him in June.  We hope that Justin, Gia and their family will continue to worship with us and continue being a part of our Edwardsville UMC family.  Please keep Luke in your prayers as he takes on being Youth Pastor along with being our Contemporary Worship Leader as well.

Guerin Woods is getting ready to allow volunteers to return to their villas.  They are looking for fun-loving people to be with their seniors to play games and cards, and help the residents with the plants on the patios.  This is a very rewarding experience. You will make some great new friends and you will get as much as you give.  If you would have time to contribute an hour of your time once every week or two, this opportunity has your name on it.  If you are interested, please contact Tina Wild at 502-381-2440.  Thanks for making time for our residents.

COVID Practices
COVID continues to be a concern for each of us. Thank you for doing what you are to help keep the spread as low as possible.  We will continue using regular bread and juice for communion, but it will be handed out by servers who are wearing gloves and handing the elements to each person as they come for communion.  Continue wearing masks on Sunday mornings, refrain from shaking hands/hugging, and begin sitting with some space between one another except for those in your immediate household on Sunday mornings.  If you are ill, please practice Social Distancing, wear a mask and please do not attend meetings/worship.

We will continue to manage church activities a week at a time as we consider the state of the virus around us.  Please watch your email, bulletins, church Facebook page and church website for announcements of changes in the weekly schedule. I want to avoid having to do a shut down if at all possible. The Willing Workers will be making a decision Tuesday, Sept. 14 about holding the Quilt/Craft Show.  Harvest Homecoming is still on the schedule, but we will follow the direction of the New Albany Homecoming committee with their plans.


Prayer Concerns: Please keep each of these persons, their families and other concerns listed in your prayers.

Juanita Carter – Friend of Cheryl Thompson’s who has Cancer
Bruce Emery {Cheryl Thompson’s Brother-in-Law} who is having health concerns
Irene Fisher—Willing Worker—going to St. Louis to stay with daughter during recovery;
Jerry Kitterman – Home recovering from Hip Surgery;
Brittney Hertel—Chemotherapy {Raleigh/Joann Wilson’s grand-daughter};
Susan Hopper—Margarette Muchow’s sister;
Mike Hunt;
Bob Maurer
—Home/Fishers: Address—12957 Fawns Ridge, Fishers, IN 46038;
David Fentress Family;
Eudell Wathen 
– Emma’s Place Assisted Living – Pekin;
Karen Rogers;
Cindy/Tom Rudy;
Jim Seward;
Bruce Woolsey

Family of Steve Whitlow who passed away last week {Neighbor to Bob/Edie Kollmeyer}.

Family of Phil Myrick who passed away {Friend of Ken Griffin}.

Financial Information:
General Fund Giving – 9-05-2021: $3,577
Weekly Need: $6,252

Mortgage Payment Fund Giving: $459
Monthly Mortgage Payment: $3,269
Weekly Needed Mortgage Payment: $754

Edwardsville UMC
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