Pastors Weekly Epistle

Pastors Weekly Epistle

Do you believe in the power of Prayer? Will you use the power of prayer?

Prayer does have power and it is our most intimate and powerful connection to God; our Creator and Friend.
As most of you know the world is a troubled place right now. Shootings in places of worship, and shopping centers. Bomb threats in schools and through the mail. The church is not exempt from the violence and fear. Rumors, gossip, and fear are bringing out the worst in many people.
Scripture teaches us that the first place to turn in time of trial is to God through prayer. Are you praying?
The United Methodist church faces some major issues right now. On February 23rd our General Conference starts and will be addressing the major issues of how the church will be addressing sexuality, ordination, and marriage in light of a changing world. John Wesley talked about being in prayer constantly. There are ways to accomplish that by aligning our hearts with God so that we are in constant communication with our Savior. One step is regular, intentional prayer.
Many across the US and our conference are joining in prayer at 2:23 in the afternoon, every day, to pray for God’s will in the General Conference and in our local church. Pastor Tony Alstott tells me that the delegates to the conference are praying. Our Conference Superintendent, Gary Schaar, tells me that the Bishop has asked the Cabinet to pray at that time.
Will you join us? I have set a repeating calendar appointment for 2:23pm to remind me to stop and lift my heart to God in submission to His will and love (Why 2:23? February 23 =2/23/19=2:23).

Do you believe in the power of prayer? Will you pray?
In Prayer and service,
Pastor Dave

Edwardsville UMC
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