Pastor’s Weekly Epistle

Pastor’s Weekly Epistle

Is God calling you to help?
Harvey? Irma?

Who will come calling next and leave a community hurt and needing love and help?

UMCOR, the relief arm of our church, is already in south Texas as a part of the massive relief response. They are a part of the response planning for the south east of the USA.

4 ways you can respond:

1) Pray! pray that God will send hope, comfort and the aid needed to help restore home and safety.

2)Contribute financially. It take a lot to restore a community much less a region! With UMCOR 100% of your support goes to the site you designate! You can give through the church or on line (

3) Be a part of an Early Response Team (ERT). These teams are trained and given special IDs to get into the effected areas. These are some of the first in teams that cover roofs, cut out wet dry wall and much more, and Training for these teams is in our neighborhood!

ERT class – September 15, 2017…
ERT Re-certification class – September 14, 2017…

4)Let Pastor Dave or Mission Chair Bob Youell know you would like to join a Volunteer In Mission team in a couple of months. These teams go and help with long term recovery. Hammer, nails, paint, listening, prayer, cleaning and loving
God is calling you to be a part of at least of these responses… will you answer?
Pastor Dave

Edwardsville UMC
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