Pastor’s Epistle – January 20th

Pastor’s Epistle – January 20th

I had planned a different Epistle for today, but a friend of mine, Todd Scoggins, is in DC for the Inauguration.  Todd was Pence’s photographer during the campaign.  Today he is there to watch an historic moment.  No matter what your politics, the peaceful transfer of power we take for granted in the US is incredible.  Yesterday Todd was touring and here is one stop he made that I want to share with you.

The hand of God. Today I went on a mission to verify a legend that I recently heard. It has been said the there are 13 hands on the Marine Corps War Memorial statue. History and lore surrounding this iconic scene is deep. It is one of the largest bronze statues ever cast in the world. It depicts six marine soldiers raising the American flag at Iwo Jima. So it stands to reason that there should be 12 hands on a statue of six men. And yet, according to the rumor, there is a thirteenth hand amongst the other twelve representing the hand of God. I wanted to know for myself. So I went. And I counted. Carefully I walked back and forth around the statue keeping track of the hands – tracking each hand back to the soldiers. Twelve. Logically, there are 12 hands cast in the bronze. And then it occurred to me. The presence of God cannot be so represented in a single hand. The hand of God is in the entire scene itself. We see the hand of God in every soldier who has ever fought for the freedom of another. We see the hand of God each time the lost and broken are comforted. Whenever you reach out to lift someone from a desperate circumstance, to serve a meal, build a home for the homeless, or heal the sick… we are seeing the hand of God at work through us and in us. We live the Christ example so that God may be glorified and the lost and broken are pointed to His truth. We are created in His image, after all. So reach out your hand in love and righteousness. You are the hand of God.

God does use you and me to be a part of His answer to the prayers of others.  Your hand of compassion, your hand sewing or blessing a prayer blanket, a meal, a blessing bag, each is guided by God as we love and serve.

May your prayers for our country, our church, our families, be answered by those who love and serve our Lord.

In Service,

Pastor Dave


Next information meeting for the trip to the Holy Land is 2-5-17 at 3pm.  The departure date of trip is Jan 9, 2018.  As a group we are going to Egypt as an extension (optional).  Feel free to call (812-704-8229) or email ( with questions any time.

Confirmation planning meeting is this Sunday at 2:30 in the Conference room

Matt Sheckell
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