Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Wow!  Did you catch all that is going on at EUMC!?  The newsletter was full of all kinds of activities, studies, classes and events!  It is incredible what all you can learn by reading the Spot Light!!!  Most of the members of our church receive it via email (which saves the church a ton of monies that can then be used for other ministries), others read it online via the website, and still more pick up a hard copy (printed on paper) in church narthex.

Only, did you read it?  Really?  Did you know that there was a contest in it for this month?  A prize for the first 5 to notify me of the answer….  So far, Urbie is the winner!  Four more prizes await!

Nancy had a great article celebrating Linda Adam’s life.  God is calling us to serve, if we don’t know of the opportunities, then how can we serve?

Read, serve, love…

In Service,
Pastor Dave

Jordan Puckett
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