Be the Church

Be the Church

What if church was a place of open hearts?

A place where you were loved no matter what, a place of open Minds? A place where your thoughts, ideas, and experiences were welcome and you didn’t have to park your mind at the door?

A place of open Doors?
A place where your past is past, you are who you are, where you are invited to grow and become all God made you to be?

A place where you make a difference?

You make a difference, by what you do, who you are, and who you grow to be.

Edwardsville United Methodist Church will be canceling regular Sunday services August 28th in order to serve others in the community.  Groups will be working throughout the community, repairing, building, and singing at nursing facilities, painting, praying their way through town, cleaning up the town, and working on sharing the faith to make a difference.   We plan to have at least 30 work projects will be held over the weekend.

How can you help?

Let us know of needs in the community that you are aware of so we can see if we can help.  Plan now to attend and go to work on Aug 28th.  Let’s open the door and make a difference!

Pastor Dave

Dave Powell
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